Ready for Real Relationships? EP 106 | Blythe Daniel

Relationships are Really Important

Relationships are tricky and learning to navigate and appreciate them seems daunting. But, on today’s show, we’ve got a very special guest, our literary agent and friend, Blythe Daniel.

Navigating Real Relationships

We all need a whole lot of grace everyday. Oftentimes, we want to skip the hard work of learning how to navigate the difficult times to get to the other side of restoration. But, today, we are going to give you some tips for how to take the first step towards restoration and renewal in your relationships.

Also, we’re asking you these questions:

“Where is God drawing your heart today?”

“Are you ready for a new beginning?”

In this current season, we all have to come up with new ways to navigate building and nurturing our relationships.

Tune in to hear more about rise up and seek ways to bring people into the Kingdom. Listen, life isn’t going to look like it did before and maybe that’s a good thing. Intentional living is all about connecting and reconnecting with the people God brings into our lives.

Join Blythe, LaTan, and Amy Elaine for some real talk and get some real answers on Real Victory Radio

Blythe Daniel Restoring Relationships

Blythe is the author of Mended: Restoring the Hearts of Mothers and Daughters. She wrote this book with her own mom, Dr. Helen McIntosh.

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Interestingly, we’ve had a lot of guests share about relationships in the past. And, we all know it’s hard to live victoriously when our relationships are out of sync. Therefore, we want to encourage you with these episodes about marriage and friendship:

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