PIE FOR EVERYONE EP 102 RVR Tara Royer Steele

Who doesn’t love pie?

A pie for you! And, you. You too. In fact, we have pie for everyone!


In EP 102 of RVR we’ve got Tara Royer Steele on the show. She’s the author of “Eat. Pie. Love.” She hails from the big state of Texas and also own the amazing Royer’s Pie Haven. If you’re in the area, you should make a special stop to meet her, get some prayer, and oh yeah, eat some pie!

We had the best conversation with Tara in this episode of Real Victory Radio. Not only did she write this amazing devotional, all the artwork is by her too. It’s a beautiful book, a perfect gift, and includes 52 devotionals for everyday life.

Life doesn’t always go the way we planned.

“God uses the sweet and salty experiences of life to bake a beautiful story of grace, hope, and love.” Tara’s book, “Eat. Pie. Love.” will give you the courage to keep showing up and believe in God’s story for your life.

Everybody loves pie, but Tara Royer Steele will make you love it even more! After years of working in the family business, (ROYERS ROUND TOP CAFE) Tara’s life took a sweet turn. She shares a little of her story and you’ll love how she helps us see things from a baker’s perspective.

pie lovers


Grab Tara’s new book Eat. Pie. Love.  It makes a great gift and is perfect for your kitchen- with devotionals and some recipes too. You will love Tara’s beautiful, whimsical art throughout the book too.

Again, tune in to hear more about Tara’s book. She shares the perfect recipe to nourish your soul:

“1 dash of love + 1 heaping scoop of grace + life sweeter than pie.”

Meet Tara Royer Steel…she’s sweet as pie .

Tara Royer Steele Eat Pie Love Author  Pie book

She’s a creative who has a passion for gathering people through Jesus, pie, and a meal. After years of working in her family’s diner business, Tara opened her own bakery with her husband. Together, they live in Brenham, Texas, with their two boys. When in Texas, Royers Pie Haven is a must stop if you’re in the area.


In a world starving for real, Eat. Pie. Love. nourishes us.
~Lisa Whittle, author and podcast host

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