Overcoming Addiction & Affliction EP 112

Introducing “Overcoming with Olivia

Co-hosts, LaTan and Amy Elaine are so excited to introduce a NEW ONGOING series with our very special guest, Olivia Cook. In today’s episode, we discuss the concept of what Olivia has termed “landing pads.” Without hesitation, these spots are where the enemy lands again and again on old soul wounds. Here, he continues to wreak havoc on our lives. Does this sound all-too familiar?

We all experience ADDICTION & AFFLICTION in some manner


Unfortunately, many are greatly afflicted by their past. Whether childhood trauma or PTSD, these open doors leave room for the enemy to have his way. But, we want you to know there is hope and healing available to all of us. God didn’t leave us defenseless against this mighty foe. No, the Holy Spirit helps us in our greatest times of need.


You don’t want to miss this powerful conversation with co-hosts, Amy Elaine Martinez and LaTan Roland Murphy. After forty years in her field of expertise, Olivia’s insight and wisdom continues to inspire us to get even bit of healing God has for us. And, that’s why we’ve brought Liv back to help us better understand the process of healing available to us.

In reality, we’ve all experienced some form of trauma in our lives. In order to cope, children cover up their pain in a multitude of ways. Then, they grow into adults with underlying issues resulting in discouragement and disappointment with ourselves and others. And, this happens most often with God. Many don’t understand why they act the way they do. But, there is help for getting real healing for soul wounds.

Olivia points out some questions to help us begin the process of OVERCOMING

  1. How do identify soul wounds or traumas in our lives?
  2. Why does this (fill in the blank) keep happening to me?

Listen into today’s show and hear how Olivia explains the process of identifying, acknowledging, and healing for areas of our lives where we experience addiction and affliction.

How you can start the journey of OVERCOMING with OLIVIA


If you’re in need of deeper healing, you’ll want to get connected with Olivia. She offers Zoom sessions and phone sessions for both individuals and families. To take your first step into healing, listen in and then contact Olivia.

  • TEXT OLIVIA at (959)233-9958
  • EMAIL OLIVIA at livcook@hushmail.com

Olivia is a licensed counselor and psychotherapist with over 40 years of experience in Soul Care and Real Healing. Today’s episode is PART TWO in our ongoing series where Olivia stops by to chat with us about overcoming addiction and affliction with help from the Holy Spirit.

This week’s episode ended with Olivia’s beautiful prayer and these words from LaTan:

“It’s never too late for healing; our trauma is never too big for God; and it’s never beyond God to help us find real health, healing, and wholeness for our families.” ~LaTan Roland Murphy

Obviously, you’ll want to listen to PART ONE of OVERCOMING with OLIVIA

Healing Soul Wounds RVR EP 108 Olivia Cook

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In the end, Jesus is our Healer. Through Him, we are made overcomers.

Healing Overcoming

In closing, we know dealing with a stressful topic like addiction and affliction makes us all uneasy. However, last week’s episode on peace may help fix your uneasiness. God tells us exactly where to find the peace we need; it’s in His presence. Like the sound of many waters or the most beautiful melody, ultimately, Jesus is our peace.

Finally, thank you for being here. We love sharing this space with you. In the end, seeing you live in victory is our aim each week. So, be at peace and go courageously friends.

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