Much Needed Laughter with Chonda Pierce

In today’s world, we can all use some laughter to cheer our souls. You know it’s true! Really, when was the last time you belly laughed? For us, it was when we were in studio with Chonda Pierce recording this week’s 101st episode of Real Victory Radio

If you need a good laugh, listen into our show with Chonda Pierce.

Who are we kidding? We know you do! Our prayer is for this episode to be nourishment for your soul-weary heart. Honestly, we went deep and laughed our heads off too!

“A joyful heart is good medicine, but depression drains one’s strength.” Proverbs 17:22 GW

chonda pierce laughter comedian

Emmy® -nominated and best-selling comedian Chonda Pierce is our special guest this week. Some call her “the country comic,” as Billboard Magazine dubbed her. Chonda has been making audiences laugh for more than two decades. She’s got a winning combination of fierce wit and southern charm. In 2015, she debuted her movie “Chonda Pierce: Laughing In The Dark,” a documentary style film based on her personal struggle to overcome depression.

A stand-up comedian, television hostess, author and now actress, Chonda will make you laugh out loud!

Pierce has channeled her life experiences into positivity, bringing laughter to audiences around the country. She’s the RIAA’s best-selling female comedian and her hilarious take on life is truly relatable. In her documentary, she publicly opens up about times of darkness and depression. Drawing humor and good from every situation, Chonda is just plain ol’ good for the soul.

Honestly, we all need a little MORE LAUGHTER in our lives!

laugh with chonda pierce real victory radio

Laughter wins the day!

We loved having Chonda on the show and can’t wait to share her with you! You can find out more about Chonda on her website:

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