Laughing with Joy in the Hard Times, Chonda Pierce

In this episode of Real Victory Radio, co-hosts, LaTan Roland Murphy and Amy Elaine Martinez filled the studio with lots of laughter and some tears too. Thankfully, our special guest, comedian Chonda Pierce , was overflowing with joy. With an unexpected twist, she took us deeper than last time she was here. We laughed a lot; yet had some tender moments as Chonda shared part of her story with us. 

Laughing Even in the Hard Times

As you know, Real Victory Radio is all about getting REAL- ready and equipped for the authentic life of victory God has planned for us. Authenticity is a huge part of what we hope to bring you each week. Undoubtedly, we all have hard parts to our stories; we are better together. Using our voices, sharing our stories, and leaning in to hear another’s heart is part of our core values here at RVR.

Ultimately, we hope today’s show helps you know you’re not alone. Chonda’s beautiful story helps us see learn to laugh with joy even in our grief.

Truly, the Lord is near to the brokenhearted.

Hope in Hard Times

On the flip side, laughter is the best medicine for the grieving soul

laughter is good medicine

All in all, we had a sweet time celebrating the power of rest and the restoration of joy. We talked about the grieving process, learning to rest, and loving well even when you don’t agree. And, yes, we went there; we even touched just a moment on the “p” word (politics) that’s been on everyone’s mind lately.

Chonda Pierce | Laughing in the Dark | One of her greatest victories.

You don’t want to miss hearing Chonda’s story of overcoming her depression after losing her husband. Truly, laughing through the dark brought her through this difficult time. Laughing in The Dark is Chonda’s documentary about one of the hardest times. Surprisingly (not to us though), the movie packed theaters back in 2015. With raw emotion, the documentary details the story of her marriage, separation, restoration, and grief.

This was a powerful episode filled with hope; we think it will leave you smiling…maybe laughing too.

After hearing this episode, a longtime listener was encouraged to share it with a friend. She sent us a message telling us how much it meant to her. Honestly, this year has been filled with loss for many and we’d be honored if you share this with anyone you know going through the loss of a loved one.

At the end of today’s show, join us for a powerful time of prayer for the restoration of joy in your life.

chonda pierce laughter laughing comedian

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Much Needed Laughter with Chonda Pierce

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