Friendship in an Isolated World RVR EP 99

Friendship is hard to navigate. Even before 2020 hit us with all this mandatory isolation, everyone was busy doing their own thing. But, now, we really have to work at being friends.

Are you feeling isolated? Have you felt lost in a sea of social media? We are right there with you. We haven’t been able to get together in months. So, what’s a girl to do? We have some solutions on today’s show.

Are you ready for some Real Talk & Real Answers with Amy Elaine & LaTan?

Friendship Part I RVR EP 99 on Real Victory Radio

This episode marks ONE YEAR since we  joined together to cohost Real Victory Radio. Can y’all believe that? Neither can we!

As we head into another year, we are doing a happy dance! And, we wanted to celebrate the topic of Friendship. Ours has blossomed and grown since working together.

People constantly ask us about our friendship

“How do you stay so connected when you live in separate states?” So, we thought we’d share a little with you. In today’s episode, we’re highlighting some of the best friendships in the Bible.

friendship pin

Honestly,  maintaining relationships across the miles, behind the mask, and six feet apart seems pretty much impossible. However, in this episode, we’re talking cultivating friendship in this isolated world! Think of Mary & Elizabeth, David & Johnathan, and making friends with total strangers too.

Today, Amy Elaine and LaTan talk about how you can learn the art of nurturing friendship. Truly, the spiritual connection between friends can be life-saver when we feel all alone.

And, friend, you are not alone.

Depression can set in when we feel like we’re the only ones experiencing difficulty in our relationships. But, in a recent episode, Dr. Janine Scott helped debunk some myths about being a Christian and being depressed. Listen into EPISODE 100 to hear more about overcoming anxiety and living in victory even when life seems too hard to bear.

Really, if there is one thing we want you to know, it’s how to stay connected to God and people. We’d love for you to grab your favorite beverage and like good friends, come hang out in the kitchen with us.

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