Courageous Women of the Bible with Guest LaTan

Courageous Women of the Bible Author Interview | I love this interview with LaTan Roland Murphy on Real Victory Radio,  I think it will help you see how much I adore this woman’s heart! She’s bold, courageous, and I’m telling you she is wise! Yes, she’s the real deal; you know how much I love authenticity.

Without a doubt, I know you’ll enjoy hearing this interview about leaving behind your fear and insecurity to GO COURAGEOUSLY AND LIVE VICTORIOUSLY!

Are we willing to take a risk to be courageous?

Are we willing to allow God to use us in the mundane, everyday moments of life?

Practical Applications to Help You Be Courageous

Honestly, one of my favorite things about LaTan’s book is the way she makes the stories come alive! An important question LaTan poses to us in her book is:  “What’s in your hand?” I love our conversation about being used right where we are today. Listen in; she’s referring to the story of Jael from chapter four of Judges. (click link to read passage in full)

Leaving behind our fear and insecurity means being authentic and vulnerable

Regrettably, I spent too many years feeling useless and broken. Now, I want God to use my brokenness for his glory. Even when our lives are shattered, God still uses us in mighty ways. And, after you listen to this episode, I know you’ll believe that too!

“Our brokenness lights the way for others to find Jesus.” ~LaTan MurphyClick To Tweet

Call to Me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things, which you do not know.
‭‭Jeremiah‬ ‭33:3‬ ‭NASB‬‬

LaTan’s book is fabulous order through (please choose Amy Elaine Ministries as your charity of choice to help support Real Victory Radio)

“Courageous Women of the Bible: Leaving Behind Fear and Insecurity for a Life of Confidence and Freedom” 

LaTan Roland Murphy Courageous Women of the Bible

Available as an audio book too.

About My CoHost

LaTan Roland Murphy is a popular Christian speaker, singer, and writer that is actively promoting God’s word across the country. With a Bachelor Degree in Professional Education she boldly teaches His word. And, she does so with joy and hope straight from her heart. LaTan challenges her audiences to experience God’s refining power, which transforms the interior of lives into His elegant image. With an established platform, she uses God’s inspiration and her unique style of humor to bring intimacy to any venue. Now, she’s one of the co-hosts for Real Victory Radio!

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Real Victory Radio LaTan Murphy Interview

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