A Call To Holy Living EP 116 DAY FIVE ART

Yes, in the midst of falling apart, they answered God’s call. In RVR EP 116, Glenn & Heather Lamp join us for a wonderful conversation about realigning and renewal. They answered a Call to Holy Living and never looked back. What an inspiration!
After a successful career and attaining all.the.things, the cul-de-sac Christianity they’d come to know just wasn’t enough anymore. Fortunately, God had something better in mind. Tune in and to hear more than a fish tale…because The Lamp’s story is more like a fairy tale!

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Toxic Traps of Shame EP 113 – Tina Yeager

Whether it’s “toxic traps of shame” or unresolved anger, we’ve all been there and want to find a way to overcome.

In this episode, Tina Yeager helps us to break free from the insecurities of a lifetime. Yes, the battle is on and now, it’s time to learn how to win. Tina’s book, Beautiful Warrior: Finding Victory and Overcoming the Lies Against You, is the perfect tool to help you get prepared for victory.

Healing Soul Wounds RVR EP 108 Olivia Cook

Addiction is a mighty foe, but healing is available.

Without a doubt, people need each other; we weren’t meant to face this life alone. With God’s help, medical help, and counseling professionals, overcoming addiction is possible. Tragically, with the recent increase in opioid deaths, suicides, and substance abuse in general, we determined it necessary to talk about this on the show. Our hope is to provide a resource for our listeners to get the help they need.