6 Prayers to Help You Get Real Victory

The Real Victory in all service is won in secret beforehand by prayers. ~ S.D. Gordon



Prayer is essential in this ongoing warfare.

Pray hard and pray long.

Ephesians 6:17-18 (MSG)

How can we expect to get real victory in our lives without prayers?

Here’s the YouTube video of this teaching… Perhaps you’re more of an audio learner. However, you can always come back to this post to learn more and read through the scriptures on your own. I’d love that! Honestly, that’s what our ministry is all about. We want to encourage our listeners to get in God’s Word for themselves.

God’s Word will transform your life!

Honestly, we can’t. We need the power of heaven to move here on earth in order to see any real victory in our lives, over our sin, ourselves, or any sticky situation we’re experiencing. And, life is full of messy, sticky, unlovely circumstances we can’t clean up on our own. That’s why we need Jesus to teach us how to pray. He’s the pro right? If Jesus needed to pray, I know I sure do. And, who better than Jesus to teach us how to pray with power to produce the outcome leading us right to real victory. We get millions of chances to get it right and thankfully our grace-filled God knew we’d need a lifetime of second chances to figure it all out. Are you ready for a life of real victory?

Here’s 6 powerful prayers to help you get real victory in your life.


Fortunately, our prayers are like arrows bringing heaven down to earth. That’s where the power resides so let’s bring it down and into every situation, circumstance, relationship, and moment of our lives. Our part is to learn to send out our arrows with precision in powerful, purposeful, and productive prayers. Learning to pray prayers that will produce the result and outcome we desire takes practice and perseverance. We can’t be faint of heart if we to become a Victory Girl and lead the victorious life! Our strategy? The Art of the Aim. We’ve been given a million second chances and a quiver full of arrows to defend ourselves against the enemy. Practice builds the strength needed and develops the accuracy required to shoot straight into the enemy’s camp. (adapted from, Becoming a Victory Girl by Amy Elaine Martinez, pg 21)

If you want Real Victory, pray. Pray powerful prayers aimed right at the enemy’s camp.


Most importantly, when our prayers align with His, God hears our prayers and acts on them bringing breakthrough in our circumstances. This is what we were made for; we were made for more.

My question:  What are God-worshippers like? 

Your answer:  Arrows aimed at God’s bull’s-eye.

Psalm 25:12 (MSG)

Yes, the bull’s-eye is the score, the win. It’s the abundance; it’s where the overflow occurs. When we hit our mark through the art of the aim, we know we’re in alignment with God’s heart and His will. I read somewhere the other day, “Prayer is how we live in the abundance of God.” Might I just add to that please?

Prayer is how we live a life of REAL VICTORY.

All week long, I’ve been returning to Matthew 6:8-13. Finding myself in the pages of my Bible, but always coming back to the basics of The Lord’s Prayer. It felt familiar in the midst of much unknown. However, before I realized it, I found myself being a little critical of this childish prayer. I memorized it in Sunday School. I knew it by heart.

My question:  Why, this prayer, Lord? Your answer:  These are My words; real victory, power is in this prayer. 

With great purpose, Jesus taught the disciples to pray in this way, “on earth as it is in heaven…” That is exactly the kind of prayer the enemy does not want us praying. Truth is, we can come boldly before the throne asking God to move heaven and earth on our behalf.  Oh, there’s some of the power I had been judging so harshly a few moments before. This is where the Abundant Life of John 10:10 is fleshed out and we begin to trade our defeat for victory… real-live victory.

“A thief has only one thing in mind ~ he wants to steal, slaughter, and destroy. But I have come to give you everything in abundance, more than you expect~ life in its fullness until you overflow!” John 10:10 (TPT)

See that! Underline these powerful words:

Everything. Abundance. More than. Overflow. Life.

The enemy doesn’t want me or you to have any of our inheritance, not one bit of the good stuff (please note: I’m not talking about a prosperity gospel here- none of the name it and claim it theology here.) What I’m talking about is getting to the place in our lives where we’re prayed up and experiencing the full, abundant, overflowing life where there’s victory over the enemy’s attempts to kill dreams, steal joy, and destroy testimonies.

We were meant for more; we were meant for victory!

Christ died for it so let’s don’t waste a moment in defeat. Let’s learn how to pray long and hard when necessary and enjoy the abundant life. Let’s live in Real Victory!

Not my proudest moment, but here’s a real-life story.  It’s the reason I want to share these 6 powerful prayers to help you get Real Victory in your life.

Once upon a time,  I didn’t really value or believe in rehearsed, prescribed prayers. Actually, I thought I needed to be praying long, carefully crafted, grand prayers if I wanted to get any response from God. Yikes, that’s kind of like those really super-fake, religious leaders, the Pharisees, huh? But honestly, I really didn’t think there was any power in The Lord’s Prayer. (gasp)

TO FINISH READING THIS BLOG POST and hear the rest of Amy Elaine’s story…


Our fiercest battles are fought on our knees.

Real Victory lies in the power of prayer.

~ Amy Elaine Martinez, Real Victory Radio

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